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Friday, October 09, 2009

Weight loss and performance gains by applying hair tissue mineral analysis recommendations

I have halved the time between me and my mate up a hill and I have lost about 5kg and 3.5% body fat. Couldn't be happier.... only problem is now that my mates want to do the HTMA........ dammit!

22/09/09 107.3kg, Body fat 30.7% Bone 2.9% Water 53.8% muscle 43.3%
08/10/09 102.4kg, Body fat 27.2% Bone 2.9% Water 56.2% Muscle 43.4%

All in a shade over 2 weeks. I have a lot more energy and need less sleep (which is great as sleep is boring).

All I can say is keep it coming!!!!

Gary comments:
While it is still early days for Jonathan, the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) indicated depressed metabolism from chronic stress and the need for a number of nutrients and changes to diet. These he has done and all indications are that his metabolism is perking up nicely.

As an aside - he has youth on his side: Older people tend to take longer to begin responding to interventions.

The body composition results are from a Salter 9106 Body Composition scales. These are very accurate as can be seen from the consistency of the bone mass measure. These sell for up to $150 in the shop. I am as good as giving them away because I want my clients to have them to provide me with progress feedback no matter where they live.

Athletes, like cyclists and runners usually have sensitive measures of performance, like a 5km time trial course, a regular hill climb or set of weights lifted weekly. Any changes to health and vitality will show in these performance measures. I, for example, have spectacularly knocked about 20 minutes off my 2 hour mountain bike racing times as compared to 2 years ago.

With non athletes, the measures are usually more subtle and we have to look for slight changes to hair, skin and nails, sleep and digestion, pain, ankle swelling and so on. We usually do not expect to see much of a change in less than three months. Sometimes it is a bit like watching grass grow - in winter! Unlike the big hit of the pharmaceutical drug, natural health approaches do take time and loads of patience.

The HTMA has been an interesting experience for me. I was first introduced to the Interclinical

Laboratories HTMA service about three years ago. I was cautious at first because there have always been concerns with this test and the interpretation of results. I was the first to do the test and I worked on the results for two years before repeating the test. My health has improved significantly over that period.

The Interclinical reports have been consistently right on the mark and always interesting.

What I like about the Interclincal HTMA is it helps us to see what is going on inside your cells and it tells us what we need to take in the way of supplements, what foods to eat and avoid and what lifestyle changes to make. Of course, these tests are only as good as the person interpreting them. I have now interpreted over 100 HTMA in the last year and am getting a very good feel for them.

If you want to get a HTMA done, email here and I will send you details about how to get this done.

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