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Monday, November 02, 2009

I have a bone spur and arthritis on the same toe I was operated on

I have what may be another bone spur on the same toe I was operated on; as I also have arthritis on the same toe. What therapy can I do to relieve the pain. Also is it possible for a bone spur occur again after an operation? I am also very active. And frustrated. I have recently taken up yoga. Anything you can help me with greatly appreciated. I of also thought of trying acupuncture. Any thoughts. Thx again Karen
Gary responds:
Karen, please bear in mind that I am making the following comments without seeing you in the flesh.

Surgery may not be the longterm solution if the original cause of the irritation that causes a bone spur has not also been removed - wearing tight shoes for example.

There is often other factors at work of the physiological kind. There may be something amiss with your body chemistry which may be causing an excessive inflammatory reaction to stress or an inability to heal quickly and completely. Your connective tissues may be getting excessively soft, thin or hard, affecting bones, tendons, ligaments.

Longterm use of medications such as those for blood pressure, steroids for asthma and arthritis and drugs to "prevent" osteoporosis must all be considered as causative factors of what you are describing.

If it is not something as obvious as shoes, these less obvious factors must be explored and addressed for other therapies, including exercise, to be effective.

I can help further if you were to complete a hair tissue analysis and supply me with a detailed health history, including medicines.

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