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Monday, February 01, 2010

Will the Tibialis Posterior exercise cause his peroneus brevis to dislocate more?

Hi Gary
I've just found your fabulous website. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge! I'm a new Pilates instructor. I gave one of my clients your exercise to strengthen his arches, the pidgeon toe exercise. His medical report says his peroneus brevis tendon is consistent with subluxation, no evidence of split. Will the pidgeon toe exercise cause the brevis tendon to dislocate more? His arches have completely collapsed. I suggested he do 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening..?

Thanks for any advice offered.

Kind regards
Gary responds:
If his arches have completely collapsed, there is the possibility that he is seriously lacking silica and calcium fluoride (not to be confused with toxic sodium fluoride). A deficiency in these tissue salts will cause ligamentous tissues to lose their elasticity such as seen in cases of flat foot and tendon subluxations.

Please refer to the picture above of the foot muscles. For subluxation of the peroneal tendons to occur it is necessary for there to be a degree of laxity of the superior and inferior retinacula (ligaments). The therapy I use is Active Elements Tissue Salts.

The correct tissue salt combination is Active Elements 2.1. This is totally safe to prescribe and does not interfere with any medications. Your client would need to take three tablets per day, spread over the day for about three months and then two per day ongoing. Benefits may not be obvious for a year or so, so patience is the call of the day.

The tibialis posterior exercise you refer to is demonstrated in the video below which has now been viewed more than 90,000 times! If your client replicates the exercise exactly as depicted in the video, then there should not be a problem. But, as with all new exercises, please start off conservatively and see how he responds over the next few days, then incrementally ramp the exercise up a little more in terms of intensity and duration.

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