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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Was David Beckham's Achilles tendon rupture the consequence of one cortisone injection too many?

"Beckham stepped onto Qwest Field in Seattle with a trio of cortisone injections in his right ankle in an attempt to dull the pain of severe bone bruising. By the end, the effects of the shots had long since worn off and he was effectively a passenger, hobbling and aching."
Reference:  "This Beckham goodbye has different tone" (November 2009).

Gary comments:
While it is his left Achilles that was ruptured last weekend, what this article illustrates nicely is the widespread and irresponsible use of cortisone injections to bypass normal healing processes so that an injured professional athlete can be brought back onto the field in next to no time.  I would not be the least bit surprised if Beckham has previously had cortisone injections in the left ankle area.

Cortisone injections may result in a complete rupture of tendons months and even years after administration.

Don't believe me that cortisone injections can do career ending harm?  Then read these articles which I have written on the cortisone injection issue.

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