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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A weight lifter with arthritic knees seeks advice

My name is haseeb I live in U.A.E Dubai; I am peasant of arthritis I am in pain séance last 8 months trying; eating different medicines I have eaten Celebrex but after while it don’t react on my cant affect on my pain so not I am taking this medicine olfen-100 SR ( diclofenac sodium ) but same problem with me is doctor said me to take one capsule in 24 house but taking first dos; after 8 or 9 hours I have pain back so have to take other too so 2 capsule in 24 hours well I have seen your video on YouTube regarding joints supplements for arthritis I want you to prescribe me medicine or; health supplement but I want you to tell you this first that this pain started rite 8 months back when i was working out at gym well one day I push up some over Wight some heavy Wight how, you can see pictures in attachment how I push up some
extra Wight well after it my abdominal joints hurts too bad I can’t walk for days but any how I try; first I go to doctor; they took out some test you will find that too in attachment cos to be fair I have test too many doctors; I didn’t find any one who can sort or my problem they just give me anti-inflammatory tables to; that’s it any way I see your video on your tube; that’s part which make my mind to mail you is that you said for young people who are in atlantics’ type can use this supplement for alignment of joints seriously that’s things turn on my me blub of my mind well I also seen your web; you are also online store well I am sending you’re my text kindly can you tell me that should I take that supplement which you prescribe for young gmyy people or should I have to take some really medicines who arthritic peasant takes hope you will guide me so I can order you some medicines who can let me walk without any pain
Gary Responds:
Haseeb, first of all: I love your command of the English language.

From what you are describing and from the photo supplied of you practising an Olympic Lift, I would not be surprised if you have done some damage to the cartilages of your knees.  This is a common injury in lifting if technique is even slightly incorrect and/or progression to heavier weights is not carefully controlled and patiently spread over a number of years.

Muscles tend to leave the rest behind
Muscle strength increases quickly in response to weight lifting; whereas the adaptation of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bone take much, much longer and may consequently get left way behind the strength gains.  This explains why injury to knee cartilage can occur without obvious fault.

Anti inflammatories are mostly a waste of time and, in my opinion, best not taken at all.  Please read my article here about these drugs.

I do recommend that you take a joint nutrition supplement that has a mix of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.  For a young athletic person the best one is Balance Joint and Cartilage Repair.  Take the maximum recommended dose for about three months after which you can ease off.  I would hope that you will notice a benefit within a few weeks of this.

Love your knees:  They must last a life-time, so do not wreck them in your early years.

Resume exercise with great care, Haseeb.  Start your squat training by doing technique training using just a bar with no weights on it at all and practice, practice and practice technique for as many weeks and months it may take to develop perfect technique.  If you do not have a qualified and experienced weights coach, I recommend that you employ one to guide your development of faultless trechnique.

 Listen to your body.  Any pain in your knee joints is to be avoided.  If the knees hurt at all, then back off.  If the pain does not go away, then give the offending exercise a miss for as long as it takes to become pain free.  There are many, many other exercises in the gym to occupy your interests and energy that do not require heavy use of the knee joints.  While the knees settle, work on your upper body condition.


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