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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Here are my latest mountain bike race results

Genetically modified cyclist rides
past during pointless warmup routine
Two weekends ago, I made a quick foray to NSW, Australia to do the Husky 100km mountain bike race.  While the course was better suited to the bigger Roadies, I was surprised to finish about 18.5 minutes ahead of the next veteran cyclist.  I left the race thinking I had finished in 2nd place!  My brain was tired.

How to take years of life off
an expensive bike!
And here are some photos of me in action on my Merida Mountain Bike.

I am 58 years old in a couple of months and getting faster on a mountain bike with each month.  I am now officially faster on a bike than at 30 years of age when competing in road races and multisports triathlons.

Post race: On an island, soaking up the
sun, while the World rushes by
Just to give you an idea of how much of an improvement there has been: Last November I raced an 80 km MTB event, finishing in 2nd place in the 50-60 age group in a time of 5:20min.  The winner was about 20 minutes ahead.  This most recent MTB race was 100km which I completed in 5hrs 20 min and over 18 min ahead of the younger 2nd place getter.

What really blew me away was how good I felt the day after: No sore muscles at all other than a slightly tweaked left ankle.  This was the longest MTB race I have ever done and would have expected to be sore for several days from all the rattling from going over rocks, tree trunks and so on; but there was nothing other than a sore ankle.  Unheard of!

I put this resurgence of energy and good health down to the benefits of destressing my lifestyle, regular deep tissue massage and evidence based nutrition going by the results of annual hair tissue mineral analyses.

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