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Friday, June 18, 2010

Which rebounder (Lymphacizer) is best for me?


I am enquiring about the R48 Gym rebounder. I am 105Kg and was wondering what the max weight it allows? The cheaper shop models have a 100Kg limit but I assume a gym model would be stronger.

Is there any delay with shipping?

Don't skimp: The R-48 is best for you because of how much you weigh.  It is the Rlls Royce of rebounders.  It will give you a lifetime of faithful service.
If your budget permits, then please add the poster and book to the purchase to ensure you get the best use out of your machine.

Delivery is within one working week, but add a couple more days if you are in the South Island and or in a rural region.

What to look for in a quality rebounder/lymphacizer

The springs should be conical shaped at both ends and paired so that one is coiled clockwise and the other anti-clockwise.  This means that the stress on each spring is spread over their entire length and not so much at the ends of them.  Stress fractures of the ends are rare.

By being paired with clockwise and anti-clockwise springs, twisting on the bed and frame attachments is eliminated, further reducing wear on the springs, frame attachments and on the bed itself.

Number of springs
In addition to the size, design and pairing of the springs check how many.  For domestic use, look for a minimum of 36 springs.  If the use is commercial, or for regular use by a person over 100kg then go for one with 48 springs.

Not only does the number of springs affect the positivity of the rebound, the stress on the bed is spread more evenly, thus improving its life.

The most important feature to look for on the frame is the presence of "U" brackets welded onto the frame to hold the paired springs.  This is essential to prevent breakages to the springs.  If the springs are fitted by hooking the ends into holes drilled in the frame, the springs will quickly bite into the frame and the bed will sag noticeably within weeks, making use of the rebounder unpleasant.

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