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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How safe are Active Elements Tissue Salts during pregnancy?

In answer to an inquiry (Gary)

Tissue salts are just that: They exist naturally in the salty fluid found in the cells of the human body and they are the minerals that are in the body structure and they power the life processes, so it is reasonable to assume that these are "safe" (How on Earth could they not be?).   However, the real question is this: "Is it safe to ingest tissue salts, additional to what is already inside the body of a pregnant woman?". 

Let's start by comparing the Safety of Water with that of Tissue Salts:
Water is essential for life, as are the tissue salts (minerals) that are found dissolved in the water inside the cells.  Too little water and the person will wilt and eventually die of dehydration.  Too much water and the person suffers and may even die from "water intoxication".  But these are extremes.

It is not a question of whether or not water or tissue salts are safe - It goes without question that these are essential for life; it is really a question of how much or how little of these life essentials is safe".  Get it right (in the centre) and these potentially hazardous substances are very, very good for you - as much as during pregnancy as at any other time.

The really good news about your body is it has very effective systems for regulating fluid and tissue salt balance.  There is a wide margin for error.  If there is too much then organs like the liver and kidney go into excretory mode, rapidly dumping any excess.  If there is a shortage within, then the body conserves.

If, through testing, we can determine that there is an excess of one and a deficiency of another, then we will give more of what is lacking and less of what is in excess.  In taking this obvious course of action, it is prudent to take a middle of the road approach, avoiding stark deprivation or mega doses.  We take our time giving a little more or a little less than what we know is the optimum intake for whatever we are prescribing.

This approach is totally safe for all including for mother and child during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

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