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Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting the zinc taste test done where you live and how to interpret the results

Hi Gary,
I have visited 2 other places. Amcal haven't marketed that test in 5 years so if they do have the solution its likely to be out of date (from what I found out). I actually got it done at a herbal dispensary and a Health 2000 store. The results were quite similar. It begins with no taste and then builds to a kind of metallic taste (or mild anti bacterial taste). This usually takes about 2 to 5 seconds and stays for a while. Its not an overpowering horrible taste but is unpleasant.
From talking to the people it seems that they think I am slightly deficient and one recommended a solution over tablets. They said that if I tasted nothing then I have no Zinc in me and if it was a terrible taste then I have plenty?
Four Seas Seaweed Hot & Spicy Instant Noodle -...Image via WikipediaZinc deficiency is one of the most common health issues I see daily.  This is increasingly common in young people who are increasingly raised on a diet consisting mostly of noodles, pasta, white rice, refined cereals and chicken.
First we had Gen X, Gen Y and now we have the In Generation: The Instant Noodle Generation.  Characterised by numerous health problems associated with chronic nutrient deficiencies.
The In Generation: Weakly and with Poor Health

Rather than granting the inventor of the Instant Noodle with medals, I think he should have been lined up and shot for crimes against humanity.
There is no nutritional merit in instant foods like instant noodles or white rice.
Low Mo: Relatively high Zn = High
suspicion of there being a zinc
deficiency and not an excess as
might first appear to be the case.
Of course, the modern diet of the In Generation is deficient in just about everything.  Zinc just happens to stand out above most of everything else.
The HTMA is the best way to determine a Zinc deficiency or not.  When reading the HTMA, first appearances can be deceptive: Zinc levels on the chart need to be interpreted with its complex inter relationship with other nutrients.  Take the chart to the right of a person with zinc deficiency that has been confirmed as best we can by a zinc taste test.  In this case, we know that if zinc is high and molybdenum is low then zinc may be being lost because zinc needs molybdenum among other nutrients for it to be retained in the body, instead of being lost via the hair.
If I suspect there is a zinc deficiency, I usually obtain a zinc taste test.

Conditions and signs associated with Zinc deficiency
PMS, viruses,candida.white spots on fingernails, anorexia, fungal infections, arthritis, peptic ulcers, poor wound healing, lack of smell and taste, depression, eclampsia, prostate hypertrophy, low immunity, autism, poor memory, sterility, digestive tract ulcers, macular degeneration, stretch marks and slow growth, to name some.

If there is a zinc deficiency the most effective course of action is to supplement with zinc - PLUS all the other nutrients that are known to be synergistic to zinc metabolism and possibly lacking.  The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is the best way to work your way through this complexity of possibilities.

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