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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have been diagnosed with water on the knee with mild degenerative changes

What has sparked me to contact you is an article I read by you in the Walking magazine issue 128.
The thing is I have recently been diagnosed with water on the knee with X-rays reporting arthritis (mild degenerative changes) so I’ve stopped all my usual exercise high impact classes – as knee has been too sore anyway and I’m seeing a physio, and also started taking glucosamine tabs.
However, I was interested to read the advice you had given a reader in your article with a knee arthritic condition also, that he shouldn’t walk or cycle but swim. 

Having been an exercise addict for 23 years I would find it hard to give up walking, cycling etc and my knee seems to be a lot better now than even a week ago (has only been troublesome for a few month though).  Although I have discussed cycling etc with my physio and he seemed to think it should be ok as long as I don’t over do it.  I do intend to gradually go back to Pump classes, Zumba, cycle classes and aqua jogging, and I’m already doing an hour or so walking per day plus upper body Pilates and weights with one of our PT’s

I’m interested in your view.  I also take flax seed on my cereal in the morning as for fish oil would rather get it from food, sardines maybe?
If there is any swelling in the knee then there is damage happening causing the joint surfaces to leak fluid in a desperate to attempt to immobilise.  As long as there is fluid in the joint the message is to take it very carefully.

Love your knees and they will repay you with a lifetime of faithful service

Glucosamine is worth taking but is limited on its own.  Chondroitin helps hydrate the cartilages and this is more important for knee health as one gets older and cartilages tend to become dry and brittle.  MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) aids cartilage healing and cooling any inflammation.  If there is swelling in the joint then MSM should be on the list.  The Best supplement for you to take is Joint Factors 4500.

Sardines are fine as is flax seed.  Be aware that most people have far too much calcium in their diets and this will contribute to joint arthritis, tired muscles and susceptibility to injury.  You can find reference to this in earlier posts on this site.  ensure that there is protein in every meal, beginning with breakfast.

Consider obtaining a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  Again, you will find many articles on this site about this most useful test.
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