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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Feedback from a Happy Camper

"Gary, Many thanks for seeing my partner. He has not had a headache for 6 days since starting your pills (and his blood press has dropped J), he is in shock as he cannot remember the last time this has happened, thank you so much."
It is often the case that the solutions to "difficult" health issues are really quite simple.  Medicating a problem may be a bit like doing a deal with the Devil: You get a short term benefit for which you must pay back over and over and over later on.

The problem with simple solutions like dietary changes and massage is these are not patented treatments.  A patented medicine, on the other hand, is the exclusive property of a privileged few who then sell them to the public at outrageous prices.  These products are additionally privileged because they attract billions in subsidies from Government and private insurers.  Natural therapies receive next to nothing.

So, the simple sad truth is this:  Simple, natural therapies that really do work are only ever going to receive no more than token attention by the Powers that Be and those that appear to really work will be discredited at every opportunity.
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