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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi Gary,
Well I have had a big couple of months, Back in July I was playing in my semi final for rugby where 2min prior to half time I dislocated my knee & Knee Cap which ruptured my MCL, ACL & PCL. My MCL was repaired before I could leave the hospital so I did everything that they said wearing my ROM Brace etc. When I went back for my check up which was supposed to be prior to surgery for repair of the ACL & PCL The surgeon said I didn't need the surgery as my knee was stable and he said the scar tissue build up had made a capsule and was working as the ligament, So I have started my rehab.
Does this sound right can someone live without the ACL & PCL??
Also what supplements would you suggest taking to help with the knee coming right??
Thanks for your Time

MCL = medial collateral ligament
ACL = anterior cruciate ligament
PCL = posterior cruciate ligament

You certainly have suffered a nasty injury to your knee!

If you have had a total rupture of these ligaments then repair of only the medial ligament would seem to be inadequate.  The anterior and posterior ligaments prevent the femur sliding back and forth on the tibial plateau.

The severity of the injury would leave me most surprised if there has not also been significant damage to the knee cartilage.  If there remains excessive instability within the knee, further damage will happen to the cartilage and joint surfaces in general.

As far as supplements are concerned, there are three that may of benefit:

  • ICL Reparen to assist ligament, cartilage and bone repair.  This will be especially beneficial if there is further surgery.  Take for about three months in such circumstances.
  • A Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement daily to support healthy cartilage and take for as long as there is any joint pain and/swelling.
  • Whey protein daily - just a few scoops spread over the day between meals (There is no benefit form taking it by the bucket!).  Whey will assist tissue repair including rebuilding wasted thigh muscles.

In cases of serious knee injury it is prudent to gain at least one more opinion, if you feel more could, or should have been done.  Of course, it is sensible to consult an orthopaedic surgeon who has a special interest in knee injuries and not shoulders, or backs for example.  Because New Zealand is infamous for smashing up knees, there is usually no problem finding an experienced knee specialist.

If it was my knee, I would insist on the best and the most complete treatment, including doing everything practically possible to repair the damage and no matter the cost.  I would not return to hazardous activities such as rugby, soccer, skiing and netball and substitute with knee-friendly activities such as kayaking and cycling.

Your knee may still be capable of giving you decades of faithful service; but only if you return the favour with lots and lots of TLC - beginning now!

Just how good do you feel your treatment has been to date?  Answer this:

"If you were the Prime Minister and you suffered this injury, would your treatment be any different?"

If your answer is "Yes!": Then my my next question is this: "Why should you receive a lesser standard of care?"  Insist on the best and nothing less.

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