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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New service: Equine and Dog - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

It doesn't take very much to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each year on pet nutrition and veterinarian consultations.  Especially with regards to pet nutrition: What is the point of spending all that money on expensive vitamins, minerals, elixirs and special feeds if testing shows that it is not needed?  In fact, the truth may be that the supplement you have been diligently feeding your thoroughbred animal for the last six months is actually doing more harm than good!

Is there a reason why, despite all those costly antibiotics and steroid creams, that mangy skin condition keeps coming back?

Following the outstanding success of our Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) service, I am now offering a variation for pets - principally dogs and horses (Although it can be used for other animals, the most bizarre being a sick goldfish!).  For the sake of convenience, we will call it an "Equine HTMA".

Just how healthy is your goldfish?

Determining the levels of trace elements in body tissue is a highly sophisticated analytical technique. When performed to exacting standards it is an informative health screening aid highlighting mineral deficiencies, excesses and biochemistry imbalances.

An Equine Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report from Inter-Clinical Laboratories is fully accredited and will
provide the veterinarian, animal nutritionist and trainer with a sensitive indicator to:

  • diets
  • stress
  • disease
  • endurance
  • speed
  • inherited factors
  • nutrient absorption
  • toxic mineral exposure
  • metabolic type and more

Our unique, interpretive report is arguably, the best and most advanced of its type. Each interpretive report provides a detailed medical discussion of the test results - commenting on mineral balances, ratios, impact, disease trends, areas of concern and possible contributing factors. The report also incorporates the latest developments in mineral interrelationships providing dietary and supplement recommendation based upon sound nutritional principles. With nutritional therapeutics such an important part of health care the need to better assess mineral balances and individual biochemistry types is more important than ever.

Please go here to view a sample equine/canine HTMA

If you want to learn more about the HTMA, feel free to email me here, or go here to purchase.
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