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Friday, October 15, 2010

"Solar Water Heating Is Brilliant For Wellington ! " Yeah?

The Burning Hot Debate!

For the Affirmative we will hear:
Brian Cox Representing The Solar Industries Association

“Solar water heating systems are a smart investment and can be installed in new buildings, in your current building with connection to your existing hot water heating system, or with a complete replacement high efficiency hot water cylinder. Solar systems are inexpensive to install, provide free energy once installed, and reduce overall water heating costs. …”

For the Negative we will hear:

Gary Moller

The Cynical Consumer

“Gary Moller is the creator and owner of which documents his research into solar water heating systems. It includes numerous examples of faulty installations in Wellington and elsewhere. … “

“Gary Moller thought he was doing the right thing by installing a domestic solar water heating system (SWH). Four years and four replacement SWH later, he concluded that these devices were doing nothing for the environment other than creating expensive landfill material.” … "Out of sight - Out of mind" - a cynic's slogan for the SWH industry.”

Who Is Right?  Who Is Wrong?

Come To The Debate.  Judge For Yourself

I Hope To See You There!

Date: Thursday 21 October, 5.30. p.m. - 6.30. p.m.

Location: Wellington City Council

Debate Details
Location: Wellington City Council, Committee Room 2, The Ground Floor, The Council Offices At 101 Wakefield Street. 
Time: Thursday 21 October, 5.30. p.m. - 6.30. p.m.

For more information about Rusting Solar Water Heating Systems, go here and be sure to check out the latest "News Link" here.

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