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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My son is 8 and still wets the bed every night if I don't wake him at 11:00.  1/3 of the time he wets AGAIN even if I get him up.
6:00 .. last drink
9:00 bathroom & bed
11:00 wake him up or we have wet bed by 11:30
There was a 30 day period when I thought we had trained him out of it .. but then the problem restarted.
He handles it well but hates being wet. Do you know of any natural anti-diuretics .. or any other ideas?
Thank You.

Bed wetting can not be "trained" out of a child if there is an underlying set of physiological drivers.

There are several mineral deficiencies that are associated with bed wetting: NaSO4, KH2PO4, NaPO4, FePO4, CaF2, KCl, and MgHPO4.

Deficiencies of these minerals are prevalent nowadays, especially in children who are raised on a low fats-hi-carb processed foods diet that is low in unprocessed grains, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, full cream milk.  Noodles, children's cereals (especially those that claim to build strong athletes!), all margarines, reduced fat milk and yogurt, white rice, soy and rice milk are very much at fault.

If the mother has been on a mostly low fat diet during pregnancy and breast-feeding, her consequent deficiencies are passed on to her child.

These minerals have many functions in the body, including promoting healthy kidney and bladder function.  If, for example, there are mineral deficiencies that heighten muscle and nervous tension, then the bladder may be reduced in size and, therefore, capacity to store urine for the duration of sleep will be insufficient.  If muscles and nerves tire quickly, then tiny muscles of the urethra may relax during sleep, allowing the bladder to empty.

The easiest, safest and most effective way, in addition to making dietary improvements, to correct any imbalances is to give your child Active Elements 4.1 and 4.3.  Break the tablets in half and give half of each every two hours, including before sleep washed down with a small glass of lukewarm water (as an alternative, he can chew and swallow the tablets and then wash the residue with a little water - not too much water before bed!).  If he wakes at night, give another half tablet of each before putting him down again.

Once symptoms of bed wetting abate, reduce to three half tablets over the day with the last at bed time and another whenever he wakes due to peeing, or feeling the urge.

Give me an email update about every two weeks, thank you.  If there is a failure to make progress within a few weeks, there are always alternatives worth trying.

Here is the link to the Active Elements product page.

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Anonymous said...

Bedwetting is for boys especially associated with the father. if the father leaves the boy is left ot mark territory and will pee the bed. It is an inbuilt biological survival mechanism. A simple remedy is to provide a t-shirt or piece of clothing that has the fathers smell and to put it by the boys pillow. His subconscious will register the smell of the father and not go into protective mode while asleep. Pass this on to the mother and see if that helps. Much better than looking to diruretics and such like, the works are not broken - they are just doing their job!