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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shoulder pain while running

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Hi there Gary. Whilst I'm out running I tend to get sore shoulders from time to time. Its not a major but very annoying. It dosn't matter if I'm running 5km or 25km. Thanks for your time. Shane
Sit and get somebody strong  to dig their thumbs or elbow into the shoulder muscles (trapezius) it should be obvious that there are painful lumps (knots) within the muscle belly.  These will be the source of your pain.
When running, the trapezius is under static pressure.  If there is already any restriction of blood flow due to muscle knots, then the muscle may be thrust into a state of acute lack of oxygen (ischaemia) and this will be felt as intense cramping in the neck and shoulder and even coldness and numbness extending down to the fingers.
If this is felt during a run, stop and do some arm and shoulder rotations similar to what a swimmer will do as part of their warmup.  Do some neck limbering while you are at it.  If possible, give your shoulders a quick self massage then continue the run.
Longterm prevention requires a weekly deep tissue massage of the affected muscles for as long as there are any hints of any knots.
There may also be a need for magnesium and pyridoxine supplementation.  The best way to determine any dietary needs and to not waste your money is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which you can order through me.
Please tell us how you get on with applying this advice.
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