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Monday, February 14, 2011


"I am very lean at the moment which is good, the diet modifications and exercise are working , however I have really deep ingrained cellulite on the back of my thighs that wont shift. The only time I have ever lost it was when I was competitive body building when I got too lean for good health. I was wondering if Gary knows of anything to move it along a bit?

Maybe massage but would hard or soft be best? Any diet tricks? As Gary knows my diet is pretty toxin free etc with heaps of veges etc. No coffee. It is a bit depressing having this stuff that wont go away".
Common problem for which there are no quick, magical solutions, potions or devices.

Here's what I think may work but first a quick explanation:

The body is made up of a series of compartments, all of which are separated by fascia which is like a silk sheet.  This fascia not only gives structure and strength but also enables parts to slip and slide freely against other parts and organs.

What can happen over the years, due to injury, infection, chronic inflammation and plain overuse (such as working out in the gym or running a marathon), is the fascia can become glued to other layers and tissue.  These are known as adhesions.

Skin, including that on the thigh, including the fatty layer, is separated from the underlying muscle by fascia.  With healthy skin layers, it is easy to clasp and lift the skin from the underlying tissue.  If there are adhesions, then the skin may not lift, there may be visible dimpling and there may be sharp pain.  I believe this is part or wholly the cause of cellulite - areas of skin than are glued to the underlying tissue.

Add fat which puffs the tissue and you will get visible dimpling where there are any points of adhesion.

The solution, includes maintaining a healthy body fat percentage (This varies with each person) and getting regular massages, concentrating on lifting and mobilising the skin layers from the underlying tissue.  Techniques include skin rolling.

Having said this, the thighs can be difficult to work with and may need many sessions, because these regions tend to be quite thick with fat compared to other body regions.  Skin rolling on the thighs may be next to impossible on most women.  But there are other ways of loosening up adhesions in these areas. Working on the upper arm, another problem region for women, is much easier and the benefits are seen within just a few sessions.

So, for cracking the cellulite problem, I would concentrate on achieving and maintaining a "healthy" body composition and having a weekly massage, bearing in mind that the effectiveness of the massage depends entirely on the skills of the therapist.

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