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Friday, April 15, 2011

I have lost nearly 8 kgs in a year without really trying

HTMA 2009: Crohn's, sore knees, fluid retention, migraines.
On medications.
HTMA 2010: Crohn's and other long-standing health
problems no longer a bother.  No medication.
Significant weight loss.
Hi, just a note to Gary about my weight etc..... because I've been doing what he has advised so he'll be interested.

The data is taken from the scales you sell.

fat  low   20.2% - Was 27%
bone 2.1kg - Was and still is 2.1kg
water  56% - Was 51%
muscle 38% - Was 36%
weight 52.7 kgs - Was 60.2kg

I have lost nearly 8 kgs in a year without really trying.

Major changes
I am exercising a lot harder but then I am able to which I couldn't before. heaps of weights and cardio. Eating a boiled egg and two toast for breakfast  keeps my energy really steady and I don't get hungry till lunch.
Protein mainly for lunch.
Salad and protein for tea. No starchy carbs for tea.

All the fat that I thought was there to stay because of age 48 has gone. My tummy button has gone insidey outty again and i am no longer embarrassed of my arms or legs. I'm not skinny, just really healthy toned.

Oh, and my digestion has improved heaps since I stopped the cereal and fruit for breakfast. It obviously didn't agree with my body at all.
One of the most remarkable things about people is this: If we simply correct what we see with the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, health improves.  Sometimes, aliments for which there is no real cure, such as Crohn's, simply disappear ("spontaneous remission").

In "C's" case, she has had a long struggle with Crohn's which is an inflammation affecting any portion of the digestive tract.  There is no cure - only management.

Some observations about her Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses

The sodium level has decreased since the previous test. This is frequently reflective of either an alleviation of physical and/or emotional stress or possibly, an ongoing toxic metal elimination (some heavy metals cause sodium to be retained in the tissues, and when removed, excessive sodium retention will naturally decrease). Since high tissue sodium levels are associated with inflammation, a reduction in sodium may indicate an improvement in tendencies toward inflammatory processes, allergies, migraines, anxiety and hyperactivity.

The mineral potassium has been associated with adrenal glandular activity. Reduction of tissue potassium levels frequently indicates a decrease in excessive adrenal cortical activity.  An improvement of this would also indicate a reduction in stress and stress-related conditions, including fluid retention, digestive disorders, acne and colitis, fatigue, transient hypertension and limb spasms.

Low copper may be associated with cholesterol abnormalities, collagen disorders, adrenal fatigue and low thyroid.

 High zinc relative to copper may be associated with premenstrual syndrome, including migraines and fluid retention.

As you can see from the HTMA charts above, change is very slow, even with diet changes and pumping in nutritional supplements.  In my opinion, this is a never ending exercise with constant adjustments, simply because the natural processes of ageing - along with infections, injuries and stress - tend to push us into nutrient deficiencies, excesses and relative imbalances that ultimately lead to the breakdown of general health and eventually, death.  The key to good health and longevity lies in being successful in getting the nutritional ratios in the HTMA centered and keeping them there no matter what.  Easier said than done!

In theory, ill health can not be present when the nutrient balances are in perfection.  I have now done HTMA on hundreds of people and have yet to find the perfect person!  We are working on it.

"C" is now well down the road to good health.  The good news for her is this:  If she is feeling great now, her HTMA reports indicate that there is much, much more to be gained.  All she has to do is keep on doing what she is doing and she will continue to notice subtle improvements in her sense of health and vitality.

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