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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seasonal Flu Vaccine causes febrile convulsions in children

Its that time of year folks, when you and your child are being urged into getting a seasonal Flu jab.

Apart from being unnecessary for the vast majority of people (In my opinion, the flu jab should be reserved for those with significant preexisting health conditions), there are health risks, especially for young children.  The principal adverse reaction in children is febrile convulsions as reported by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Please go here for their report on the issue of febrile convulsions and the flu vaccine.

Given that only about 1% of all adverse reactions to medical treatments ever end up on official records we can only assume that the problem of febrile convulsions after receiving a flu jab is worse than reported.  Over the last few years I have been contacted by a number of desperate parents of children who were suffering convulsions that appeared to first arise after vaccination.  As far as I know, none of these would ever have ended up being reported to our Ministry of Health as an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Because there is often a delay of several days to weeks between the medical treatment and the adverse event, it is next to impossible to reliably prove there is a link.  If a link is claimed by an aggrieved parent, this will more than likely be dismissed, in the first instance, by the administering medical agency and then vigorously challenged by the manufacturer, if the claim managed to advance any further.  Nobody, other than the parent, has any interest at all in seeing such "complaints" go any where other than into the filing cabinet.  So, while official statistics tell us that there is not a safety problem, talk on the streets tells us there is.

Before you get your child vaccinated:
  • Only have the vaccinations that you consider absolutely necessary at the time in your child's development and avoid the rest (this includes flu, herpes).
  • Put off the vaccines until your child is older and the brain and other organs, such as the adrenals and liver, well on the way to maturity and better able to handle stress.
  • Do not vaccinate at times of immune weakness, such as when ill, teething or transitioning from breast milk to solids.
  • Ensure your child has high vitamin D (A light sun tan on the body and a vitamin D supplement during winter).  Vitamin D is essential for a robust immune system.
  • Ensure the diet is rich in fresh vegetables, eggs, unprocessed fats and high in protein. Avoid instant noodles, pasta, white bread, soy milk, rice milk, fruit juice or fat reduced milk or yogurt.  Avoid all margarines, including those that have heart health claims.
If you are breast feeding a child:  Ensure you are on a nutrient rich diet that includes plenty of fat and protein.  An added bonus is your breast fed child will much sleep longer between feeds (A low protein, low fat diet, on the other hand, means the baby is receiving mostly sugar milk that sates the appetite for no more than an hour).

If a child has febrile convulsions: In addition to medical treatment, ensure the child has a rich intake of magnesium and other minerals and vitamins, including the B group and non-acidic vitamin C (Magnesium deficiency is associated with epilepsy and convulsions).  Most children are magnesium deficient.  It is advisable to consult a natural health practitioner who can advise what are the best supplementary sources of these vitamins and minerals for a child.

In conclusion: A child's first and best defense against any kind of infection is a strong immune system.  A child with a strong immune system may still go down with the flu; but will shake it off with relative ease and have immunity to that strain for life.

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