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Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm 59 years old, I have congestive heart failure and I weigh 360 lbs

"I'm 59 years old, I have congestive heart failure and I weigh 360 lbs.
And have an enlarged heart. I have had 2 heart surges. One in 2006 and the other was a week later in 2007. I had an Ablations. This last year in 2010 I had a pace maker put in.
Since 2006 I have been using a lot of herbs. A friend of mine told me I should use Bovine extract to help my heart regenerate and shrink back to normal size. When I was in the hospital they gave me lots of meds to help me lose water. That's my Biggest problem I lost over 50 lbs of water in 4 days. But the meds they sent me home with don't work that good. If you have any ideas I would appreciate your Wisdom.
Thank You"

          Blood Type A-
 CHF / High Blood Pressure / Diabetes.

 Allergy's / Penclyn / Codine / Lisinopril


 01.  COREG / CARVEDILOL 25 MG 2 X A DAY Rx 6832392

 02.  LASIX / Furosemide 80 mg 2 X A DAY Rx 6832393

 03. Isosorbide / IMDUR MN 30 mg 1 x 1 a Day Rx 6832394

 04. K-dur 10 meq 1 x 2 a Day Rx 6819004

 05. Aldactone 25 mg tab 1 a Day Rx 6832388

 06. Glipizide / GLUCOTROL 10 mg 1 x 2 a Day Rx 6832389

 07. Metformin / GLUCOPHAGE 850 mg 1 x 2 a Day Rx 6832390

 08. Ferrous Sulf 325 MG Tab 1 x 2 a day RX 8808918


                        Herbs I take Every Day

     pH TESTING OF SALIVA 7.2 March 02,2011 I test myself once a week.

 01. Hawthorn Berries 900 mg 2 x 2 a Day

 02. Flax Oil 1000 mg 1 x 1 a Day heart / CO Q 10

 03. Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg 1 x 1 a Day heart / CO Q 10

 04. Bitter Melon Diabetes

 05. Cinnamon Diabetes

 06. Gotu Kola Congestive Heart Failure

 07. Ginko Biloba lung congestion

 08. Chromium Picolinate 500mcg 1 x 1 a Day Diabetes

 09. Spirulina vitamins

 10. L-Arginine 1,800 mg 1 x 2 a Day increases Blood flow, and improves Blood          vessel function. ED.
 11. Magnesium w Chelated Zinc 400mg / 15mg  1 x 1 a Day

 12. Calcium / Magnesium 1200 mg / 400 mg 1 x 1 a Day

 13. Cayenne Pepper 200,000 HU 900 mg 1 x 1 a Day Blood Thinner
     high blood pressure

 14. Pomegranate Juice natural - Beta Blocker

 15. Chamomile Tea natural - Beta Blocker

 16. Passion Flower tea Natural - Beta Blocker

 17. Colloidal Silver 15 ppm sinus Anti Bio-tic

 18. Alfalfa 2 x 2 a Day 900mg
 19. Chlorella 900 mg 2 x 1 a Day

 20. Coconut Oil 2 teaspoon Daily Diabetes / skin / Weight Loss / CHF / Blood          Pressure

 21. Milk thistle 900 MG 1 x 2 a Day CHF

 22. WHEAT GRASS 900 MG 6 X 2 A DAY
     Restores alkalinity to the blood. The juice's abundance of alkaline minerals      helps reduce over-acidity in the blood.

 23. Brewers Yeast 1 teaspoon a day

 24. Arginine 500 mg 2 a day

 25. GABA 500 Mg 2 a day

 26. Food Grade 35 % Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy add 2 drops to my drinking water.
Copper is a critical component for the integrity of the cardiovascular system.  Adequate copper is necessary for the enzymes which produce healthy connective tissue.  The integrity of the heart and arteries is dependent on strong and resilient connective tissue.  Copper deficiency is associated with aneurysms, heart enlargement, heart enlargement, heart failure, infarcts and ischaemic heart disease.

A deficiency of copper relative to zinc is associated with a decrease in the production of HDL cholesterol and an increase in LDL cholesterol.  This imbalance may lead to artherosclerosis.

Too much copper can contribute to heart disease by lowering thyroid activity.  Low thyroid activity is associated with high cholesterol.

It is interesting to note that "F" is taking a substantial iron medication (Ferrous Sulf).  Iron is an antagonist of copper in the body.  If copper is, in fact, low then it may be unwise to be taking an iron supplement.

It is possible that copper is high, rather than low.  High copper would partly, or fully explain why iron levels are low (given that they are).

Diabetes type 2 is closely associated with a past history of either extreme or chronic episodes of physical and/or emotional stress.  Stress depletes the body of a number of critical pancreatic nutrients and depresses glandular functions that impact directly and indirectly on the pancreas.

Thyroid and adrenal function can be presumed to be poor and these will cause or contribute to the health problems described, including the weight gain, inability to lose it and the diabetes.

My impression is that there are too many medications in the mix.  Eight in total.  Each has a number of powerful actions and it is impossible to control all of the interactions of so many different medicines.  What often happens is one drug is prescribed then another to counter adverse effects.  In this case, a potassium medication is prescribed to counter the depletion of potassium by the multiple diuretics.  It is a slippery slope down as more and more medications are added to the mix.

Nutritional Supplements
As with the medications, there are too many, while well-intentioned, and most are probably of no real health benefit.  These must be costing a lot of money.  Most supplement programmes are of questionable benefit because most are prescribed without first determining an individual's actual needs.  The best supplementation is based on accurate testing.

My recommendations
It is tempting to recommend a thyroid and adrenal recovery programme.  Given the excess weight, the diabetes, the heart enlargement and the complexity of the medication, I recommend caution.  For example; it would be unsafe to prescribe copper if, in fact, copper was in excess instead of deficient.  The recommended course of action is to do further investigation by way of a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Profile 2).  Once we have the results and recommendations from this testing we can move forwards from a position of informed strength.  To do less is working from guesswork and that would be irresponsible.

In case you are wondering about me being in New Zealand and you being elsewhere; This is not a problem nowadays due to technologies like Skype.  Once we have the report, we can arrange a Skype or phone consultation and we take it from there!

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