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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

ACC Privatisation - What I think about it

I was once a contracted rehabilitation service provider to ACC at the time of the previous privatisation of ACC.

Almost overnight, we went from administering one ACC contract to half a dozen.  Each contract had its special requirements, including reporting, meetings and invoicing, let alone each of their special rules about treatment!  This was an administrative nightmare because if we got the invoicing wrong or sent the wrong reporting format we would be in deep trouble.  And to make matters worse, there was less money to work with.

As time passed, the pressure was increasingly put on us to lower costs as these commercial enterprises we were contracting to sought to progressively ramp up from this ACC work being a loss leader for them to being a profitable venture.  Some were very, very slow payers.  Somehow we still managed to pay the rent and wages - but only just.

Contracting to ACC has always been stressful because a business needs stability to invest and to grow and seldom has there been stability around ACC.  When politicians meddle with the scheme, they mess with the small service providers.

The privatisation of ACC was the last straw for me at the time - I burned out - and even today I am no longer accepting ACC referrals.

Please have a look and listen to this youtube video I made some time ago about ACC privatisation:

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