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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is your training program Pisa or Giza?

The 5 principles of Lydiard Training

1. Maximize Your Aerobic Capacity

Bigger Oxygen uptake = More Energy = Better performance
Is your training program Pisa or Giza?
Tower of Piza Pyramid
Would you consider building a house without a solid foundation? Of course not! There are laws against it for good reason – the building would be unstable. Take the Leaning Tower of Pisa for example. I remember standing at the top of it frozen with the fear of falling. My point of reference was all askew because it lists precariously. All because the ground beneath it cannot support the structure. By contrast the Great Pyramid of Giza, with its wide base, is much higher but not in the slightest danger of falling over.
This is the principle behind building a base in training. Without it your capacity to recover and do the successive training phases is limited. 

For the complete article and to learn about their coaching services, please go to  Lydiard Running Wizard is a project by my sister, Lorraine Moller, in collaboration with a small team of outstanding athletes and coaches.  Lydiard Running Wizard brings the coaching systems of the late Arthur Lydiard - the most successful running coach in history - into the digital era.

While this service principally targets runners, the programme and personalised support by professional coaches, is almost seamlessly able to be adapted to other sports such as cycling, waka, kayak, rowing and even racing horses!

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