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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why saturated fats like coconut oil are good for you

My sister, Lorraine, sent me this video.  While it is about Alzheimer's, it is an excellent summary of the case for ensuring that you and your family (especially babies and children) avoid low fat diets, avoid hydrogenated fats and ensure that there are saturated fats in the diet (fats which are solid at room temperature).  Coconut is currently the best.

If you are not sure what fats to avoid, I would advise avoiding all margarine, including the ones with the the "heart Tick" and all foods, including milk, that have claims to be "low fat" or "99% fat-free" on the label.  Of course, this does not apply to fruit and vegetables.  The only milk to have is non-homogenised, full cream (silver-top) - not the low fat version which has no health benefits (despite the claims).

Why do you not hear about the health benefits of coconut oil, or the fact that it is actually very good for the heart and not deadly harmful, as is the common belief out there?  The video hints at the reason:  Until researchers can come up with a patented capsule, in other words - a high-value drug - there is no money to be made in getting people to use coconut oil as a general food item.

In the meantime, to prevent you getting used to the idea of eating the the healthy natural version (in this case, cheap, coconut) we get fed a whole lot of confusing hog-wash about what constitutes a healthy diet:

"Whatever you do - Don't eat the coconut!"

The breastfed baby of a mother who has a high fat - high protein diet will tend to sleep four hours or longer; whereas the baby of a mother on a low fat - low protein diet will tend to sleep poorly and tend to suffer reflux and gain excess weight.  Fat and protein take hours to slowly digest; whereas carbohydrates have done their digestive dash within an hour.

The rapidly growing brain of the child needs fat, so ensure there is rich spread of different fats in the diet.

If you want to lose belly fat, then get rid of the low-fat processed foods and ensure there is a little quality fat and protein in the diet about every four waking hours.  My experience is that everybody who does this loses fat while preserving muscle.  Children who drink full cream, non-homogenised milk tend to be leaner than children who drink low fat milk.

Baby-Boomers are worrying about how to avoid dementia.  Coconut oil? Something to "chew the fat over".

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Mark Gunther said...

Great article.
I get my Personal training clients onto this for a while now also. Teaches them to utilize Fats as a fuel instead of consistently using Carbs as their fuel. Great stuff.
High protein diets, with lower carbs (not zero) is great for producing Ketones too