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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Discovering a dental abscess using the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Copper and iron are in balance.  No evidence of infection,
although there are other health issues.
In my article "Are you being bugged by parasites?" I described how the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can be used to detect infections in the body, usually parasites, rotten gums or a dental abscess.

In this followup article, I present the case of a fit man in his 50's (Myself).

When looking at the hair tissue mineral analysis charts to the right, keep an eye on the relationship between Cu (copper) and Fe (iron) which I have high-lighted with a red line.

While other health issues are improving, note the slight increase
in iron relative to copper.  Not significant but worth keeping an
eye on.
When there is a chronic infection, the immune system attempts to starve the invaders of life-giving iron.  It does this by shifting iron from the circulation and into storage in the bones and even the joints.

The down-side of taking iron out of the circulation is the infected person will tend to suffer aches, pains and fatigue. Sometimes they may be diagnosed as suffering "infectious anaemia".

In my case, I was generally in very good health, although aware of a problem with bad breath.

Iron has shot up relative to copper.  I was off to see my
brother (A dentist) who discovered a puss-filled abscess
deep in the back of my mouth -Yuck!
Two weeks after the abscess down the side of one of my back teeth was discovered and treated, I rode the ride of my life in the Huka Challenge Mountain Bike Relay Race.  With my partner, Alofa, we won the race outright and currently hold the team's race record.

I put this amazing gain in performance down to the freeing up of iron stores for oxygen transport and storage.

No more evidence of an infection and I am feeling great.
I have a sneaking suspicion that things may not be 100% at the moment, so I did another Hair Tissue Analysis on myself last week.  I'll have those results in about three weeks from now and will publish an update.

Although there is a slight difference, iron and copper are fine but I
am keeping a close eye on them and am much more diligent
with dental care.

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