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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Curcumin is an amazing natural compound that has profound effects on cancer and hundreds of other diseases

Hey folks - if you are not already doing so and are concerned about minimising your risks of cancer, heart disease and other killers - add a little turmeric to your cooking.

Curcumin (extracted from turmeric) is an amazing natural compound that has profound effects on cancer and hundreds of other diseases. While it has been widely studied compared to many other nutritional substances, studies are only beginning to recognize the healing effects of curcumin and turmeric.

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Alex Davidson said...

I've used curcumin for years for my prostate cancer. I've also read over 100 research reports on it. It's brilliant in vitro, moderately effective in rats, but its bioavailability in humans is so low it's useless (except, possibly, for colon cancer). I take 8 grams of powder a day dissolved in hot coconut milk (it won't dissolve in water), but some researchers say you'd need at least 21 grams for any to escape from the gut. I take piperine and quercetin with it to try to overcome the bioavailability problem. I've also tried liposomal curcumin, but it's very expensive. Neither form appears to have had any effect on my prostate cancer.

sweetlady said...

I love turmeric with curcumin when added to foods! My favorite is chicken curry with lots of turmeric powder. Sooo yummy!