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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Losing weight and feeling great! Feedback from a Happy Camper

I have had on going health problems since a teenager and after recently going through IVF at the age of 30 and giving birth to my son who was 4months premature, my body took a huge fall. I packed on 20kgs which i just couldn't lose after countless drastic diets or starvation, and numerous attempts at exercise which always ended up in injury. My skin was dry, itchy and had blemishes, my hair was dry and brittle, I was constantly tired and feeling sick and dizzy, my body ached, i had major mood swings, i was constantly getting viral and bacterial infections. All this started to slowly bring on depression. The thought of having another child seemed far too scary with the condition i was in and i really couldn't figure out how to get myself well. So after hearing raving reports about Gary, i thought i'd better get serious and go and see him.

From what i'd heard about the results people have had, i was already sold and fully believed in his methods of treatment, though i never really knew the extent of which i would see results. 

So i went in like a bull out of a gate and did everything Gary recommended. He diagnosed me with a zinc deficiency and gave me a regime of zinc, iodine, vitamin C and silica plus. In the first 3weeks, I felt absolutely awful, broke out in a crazy rash and just felt overall unwell. Through this i kept in close contact with Gary and he told me to stick in there, i will get results soon. Soon was right! after those 3weeks, I dropped 10kgs and the following 2weeks i dropped another 3kgs and the weight is still shedding every day. I feel better than i've ever felt...for a start, i don't feel sick, i have lots of energy, my skin has cleared up, my hair feels soft, my moods have evened out and i'm not getting any viral or bacterial infections anymore. I am full of life. 

I am now training to compete in the Outrigger World Sprint Champs in August this year and feel like i can achieve this with my new lease on life. Gary has further given me the Super Smoothie and Vitamin D to help over the winter season and with the added fuel to train. I would not be able to reach this goal had i not taken that first step and gone to see Gary. I am unbelievably grateful and am a staunch advocate for what Gary and Alofa do. They truely do save lives!
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Margaret said...

It's not easy to lose weight. I have the same problem. After giving birth, I really had a hard time loosing weight. I envy those women who stay sexy after giving birth.

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