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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Residents of Wellington - Have your say on the City's Draft Plan

The following guide is for Wellingtonians.  Let's tell the City Fathers (and Mothers) that we want a City that is safe and welcoming for cyclists and pedestrians:

It’s vital that we all have our say, to make it easy for you Wellingtonians to improve cycling in our city:
  1. Go to:
  2. fill in your personal details up the top
  3. tick “no” to making an oral submission
  4. tick ( ) as an individual
  5. scroll down to the heading “Transport
  6. tick “leave in plan (high priority)” to the two questions “Cycle network safety improvements” and “cycle network extension
  7. If you also think we need to resurface or replace the Hataitai Velodrome, then scroll down to “Maintaining Wellington as an Inclusive Place Where People Choose to Live”
  8. At the end is “any comments?” Write your personal thoughts, say what great things we do at the velodrome (coaching, teach bike skills in a safe environment, riders from all ages and grades can ride, some riders get medals at nationals…)
  9. scroll to the bottom and tick if you are male/female and your age etc
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