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Monday, June 11, 2012

Its official: Moller Brothers are the Australasian Veteran Team Multisports Champions

Gordon in winning form
Gary showing good race form

Gary again in great form!

My partner, Alofa, 3rd in the vet women's
 30km mountain bike race - Got to give her
a plug for a great performance!
We (Bruce, Gordon and Gary) contested the Veteran Teams event of the Australasian Multisports Championships, held in Rotorua Over Queen's Birthday weekend and we won!

We contested these championships last year but as Open Men in which we finished a creditable 4th overall.  This year was much tougher due to the fields being over twice their previous number (Well over 1,000 in total).  We were delighted to finish about 5 minutes in front of the next vet team.

Last year we completed the three disciplines (Kayak, mountain bike and mountain run) in just over 3 hours and ten minutes.  This year we knocked the same course out in 3 hours and three minutes.  Not bad when you consider that all three of us are over 50 (I am about to turn 59).  In addition to being the only team made up of brothers, we were the oldest team by far.

For the record, we have dominated the veterans races of multisports in New Zealand and Australia over the last 5 years.  This is as either three man or two man teams.  We hold most, if not all, of the veteran teams records in all the races we have contested.  We have been beaten only once and this was by one second after our paddler, Bruce, went for a boondoggle over some mud flats, squandering a substantial lead (He has since made amends for this blunder).

At our ages, we should not be getting faster.  We should be getting slower.
My cycling results are interesting to examine:

  • I was the fastest biker of the 40+ year olds.
  • Last year I covered the 30km of mostly single track in 1hr 33m 49sec (18.7km/hr).
  • This year I covered the same course in 1hr 25m 32sec (21.2km/hr).
  • That means, when I finished, I was about 2.5km ahead of where I was as compared to last year.
Contributing factors to a fast time this year were the course being dry and my new bike.  However; neither can explain, in full, the substantial improvement in performance.  I put the bulk of the improvement down to the ongoing application of nutrition science, therapeutic massage and smart training.

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