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Friday, June 29, 2012

My son seems to have a continual cold which leads to asthma

Earlier in the year I had a hair sample done and taken your recommendations on treatment.

My son seems to have a continual cold which leads to asthma.

I am keen for you to do your magic on him too.  I wanted to check before I purchased a hair sample kit if that was appropriate for him.  He is 6 years old.

Can you please advise.

HTMA of Child's Mother
The HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) of a child usually is a near-copy of the Mother's, except the child's often is more extreme of her patterns.

So, when we look at the Mother's HTMA to the left, we can see patterns that indicate a tendency to suffer viral infections and asthma.

These are low magnesium to calcium and an overall deficiency in magnesium.  When molybdenum is low and zinc is high we can assume that there is a deficiency in zinc and, therefore, vulnerability to viral infections (high zinc, especially in the presence of low molybdenum means loss of zinc from the tissues and it being deposited in the hair).

If you take out the peaks of calcium, copper zinc, chromium and cobalt we have the appearance of a person who is running on empty.  We can assume her son will be lower overall as well as having more extremes such as higher calcium and lower magnesium.

Due to their faster metabolism children are more sensitive to imbalances, including excesses and deficiencies.

Yes, I recommend that the wee boy does have a HTMA completed.  But, in the absence of a HTMA I would recommend that he follows the dietary and supplementary programme that has been recommended for Mother.  Any supplements are adjusted appropriately for size and also to take account that most children have difficulty swallowing pills.

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