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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

‘The Myth of Osteoporosis – revised edition’ by Gillian Sanson

Gillian Sanson: 
"The just-published fully revised edition of my book ‘The Myth of Osteoporosis’ reveals that osteoporosis is an even more controversial condition in 2011 – still trumpeted by drug companies, front-line advocacy groups and clinicians as a silent but deadly disease that stands to destroy the lives of tens of millions of postmenopausal women – but with the market further expanded to include those with osteopenia or low bone density, resulting in untold numbers now taking potent osteoporosis drugs. The drugs offer minimal (if any) benefit amidst ever-increasing evidence for serious harm, but they continue to be widely prescribed while massive profits roll in for the companies that produce them. While alerting you about the misinformation and how to side-step it, the book is equally a manual on how to maintain healthy bones and avoid fracture later in life. It can be purchased from the publisher’s website, or from

I have read the first edition of this book. If you, or a loved one, have any concerns about the possibility of "thinning bones", this book must be read!
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