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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An appeal from Truly Godfrey and Clinical Thermography

Would you want the headlines to read:

Free Thermography for women in NZ?
Our goal is to have thermography used in NZ clinics and hospitals alongside other screening methods, 
and paid for by the Government funded Breast Screen Aotearoa program.
Twice now we have approached the Ministry of Health with international research showing the benefits of thermography for breast health screening.    The response we have received to date has been that the research is insufficient. (Partly because the research is on women from other countries, therefore not considered valid in New Zealand).
We are not in a financial position to do the kind of research needed, and are applying for funding for NZ based research to be done, but in the meantime, we need your help. 
We’ve created an e-mail that we’d like you to share with your contacts, please help us share this information.  This can become mainstream if we get enough good stories to sway our Governmental decision makers.  Imagine pain-free, radiation-free breast screening for everyone...
Truly Godfrey.


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Thermography is a breast-health screening technology that is fairly new to New Zealand.
We should all look into it properly... There are things we can do to improve breast health if it's needed.  
A thermogram is a non-contact, radiation free scan that identifies inflammation in breast tissue, among other things.

This is an example of a thermogram showing a cancerous tumour.  
The red colour (circled in black) shows excessive heat from the blood vessels feeding the tumour.

This is the same woman after she underwent treatment (conventional and complementary), and the tumour is gone.

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our office (07) 543-0832
These websites have links to research and information on current concerns internationally
 about using mammography as a primary screening tool.  
Thermography NZ 2 - for a 3 min youtube clip

Please share this important information with your friends too...
Thank You
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