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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nabbed at last - The Lance Armstrong Story video

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"After winning the Tour de France seven times in a row, Lance Armstrong might well have been the greatest sportsman of all time.
Not only had he won the most coveted of all cycling races, he had done so after recovering from advanced testicular cancer.
Lance Armstrong maintains he has never used performance enhancing drugs.
He claims he has never tested positive in hundreds of drug tests.
Many who know him well now say he is lying.
"The doctor started asking Lance a couple of banal questions, and then boom, have you ever used any performance enhancing drugs? Lance, hanging onto his IV, rattled off EPO, testosterone, cortisone, growth hormone and steroids. My eyes popped out of my head."
Next on Four Corners reporter Quentin McDermott talks to people who worked for Armstrong, rode with him and some who raced against him. What they reveal will shock you."

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Anonymous said...

For me Lance is real champ he beat cancer and then went on to compete and win again and again , so what he was on drugs , they all where !
He could have just given up after the cancer and become a victim ," poor me , I have cancer" but no he tackled it head on and won , said fuck you I'm making the most of my life .
The trouble is to often we laud mediocrity , and ignore brilliance .Give a certificate for walking 2km!
He may have been a cheat but he was a champion cheat.

Rob Lawrence said...

I agree with half of what Mavis has said.

Armstrong overcame Cancer and became a champion for that cause which is wonderful. There is also no doubt he worked and trained massively hard to beat his contemporaries many many times, for years on end to a degree that most people cannot comprehend. He also did all of this winning under false pretences. Let's not forget that he cheated the whole time in a huge way. So is he a hero? Well heroic effort is not unique so I cannot admire him above all others for the work he put in. Admirable for his work on Cancer? Absolutely.
But he did cheat his sponsors and his supporters, and the sport he made millions out of.

Shame on him.

Paul R said...

And that's about the best we can say for him. He was one of the best cheats the world has ever seen. He could have been a great champion, but instead he lied and cheated and stole. Hundreds and hundreds of people will lose their jobs because of this,he bullied and coerced and forced others to take drugs, tarnish their reputations, and defamed, attacked and destroyed the reputations of others. He was in the final judgement no better than a mafia boss who beat cancer. Lots of people have beaten cancer. They don't then use that as a cover story to lie, cheat, and try to use it to excuse running a drug dealing operation. What is lost in this is that Alberto Contador also overcame brain cancer before winning the tour de france. Lance could have been a great chamion, but instead he became a drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

he got cancer because of all the drugs he was taking

honestly, anyone familiar with pro cycling always knew he was just the biggest cheat

a real scumbag, he's no hero, and all his cancer foundation stuff is an even bigger con