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Friday, January 04, 2013

A New Year message to my readers

Depressing the year may have been for many; but 2012 was a very good year for the Wellington Mollers.  The children are all well health-wise, study-wise and work-wise.  What better gift can parents receive than that!

It was also a wonderful year business-wise and professionally which explains why you have not received many of these email messages from me.  I have simply been overwhelmed by the demand for our services.

2012 had the first invitation for me to lecture in Australia on the application of the ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for tired athletes (Aren't they all?) and this is leading into a six-city lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand for 2013 (more about these in a few months time).

Health-wise and sporting-wise, last year was the best I can ever recall with the Moller Brothers totally dominating the veteran categories of multi-sports racing in New Zealand and Australia.  I went well in mountain bike and cyclocross racing.  Everything still works.  And my partner, Alofa, is the picture-perfect representation of good health and fitness, giving the younger women a run for their money in Cross-fit.

2013 may be a little more subdued, sporting-wise, as we concentrate on exploring the amazing network of cycle tracks that now almost connect one end of New Zealand with the other.  Then, later in the year, I turn 60 and I am eyeing up all those 60+ age group mountain bike race records in New Zealand and Australia, which I am currently well under.  I am still getting faster.  Those records sure do look enticing.  

Work-wise, there are two things that we are going to work on:  The first is to have a four day working week so that we have three-day weekends during which we can relax and take frequent mini-holidays within New Zealand.  The second is to concentrate on developing our nutrient testing service (hair tissue analysis) which I am getting very good at.  It has been a huge success for my clients - so it is an obvious area to concentrate on.

Let's be nice to each other

Last year came across as one that was dominated by fear: Fear of strangers, fear of cancer, fear of getting old, fear of financial ruin, fear of the gun, fear of the end of the World.  The sad fact is that fear sells: even better than sex.  Fear is control.  The culmination of this was the December school massacre in the USA.  The response in the USA has been for people to be even more fearful of others with calls for armed guards in class rooms and elsewhere.  Hand gun sales in the USA have soured to greater heights than ever.  

I have wondered what would have happened if the audience were all packing heat when the Bat Man Movie killings happened?  It would have been absolute mayhem in the darkened theatre if every armed   theatre-goer let loose with their Uzi's, colts and rocket-launchers in response to the lone shooter!  More guns are not the solution.  Its an emotive, knee-jerk reaction that further accelerates the progressive destruction of the Caring Society.

What worries me is this: "Where America goes, we also go - eventually".  What a horrific thought!

The solution is not to retreat into gated suburbs and build bunkers and safe rooms.  It is not to arm ourselves to the teeth.  It is not to shun those who dress or think differently to us.   It is not to forbid children to play in the streets.  It is not to treat teenage misbehaviour with powerful psychotrophic drugs (Hardly a single mass killer, of recent times, was not on mind-numbing drugs).

The answer is to create a society that is open and welcoming for all and sundry; especially for those among us who are troubled.  If we shun others, we risk creating the "Screw You Society".  Nobody benefits from that other than the likes of the arms, surveilance and security industries.  Oh! - and the depression industry.  And politicians - of course.  Fear is control.

2013 is going to be a good year.  I am doing my bit already to change things for the better by smiling and greeting every person I pass, including motorists and dog owners while I am riding my bike (Both of us were bitten by dogs while out riding last year).   It was a little difficult first, to smile and greet a complete stranger who is marching your way with eyes sternly glued to the ground; but it is getting easier to do with each day and the usual response from the stranger is one of pleasant surprise.

My daughter, Mary Ann, is going a step further than me by volunteering to serve toast and tea once a week at a local drop-in centre for the homeless (Yes, there are lots of homeless, down-and-out people in Wellington).  

If we all simply got out from behind our steering wheels and computers a little more often and greeted and chatted with those about us, including strangers, wouldn't the World be a much better place for all? Its an infectious behaviour of the best kind.

My Blog

I have had a little spare time lately to write a few more articles about health topics.  Some are about issues that never seem to make it into mainstream media (I wonder why?).  Please take a few minutes of your time to read some of what I have written.  

I would like to conclude this monologue by extending our family's best wishes to you and all others.  Yes - We wish you all a healthy and prosperous year.

Gary, Alofa and family

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