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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Is there a link between lead contamination and criminal behaviour?

Here is a fascinating interview with a researcher who claims the main reason for the drop in violent crime in the Developed World is the reduction of lead:

"Political blogger Kevin Drum discusses what may be the hidden villain behind rampant crime, lower IQs, and even the ADHD epidemic: tetraethyl lead. In his article "Criminal Element," he postulates that lead in gasoline may account for 90 percent of the fluctuations in violent crime over the last 50 years, and he shows the upside to investing in lead abatement."

Lead contamination is widespread; my own testing of people with health issues reveals a disturbing degree of lead contamination - even here in "Clean, Green New Zealand (Yeah - Right!).  While there may have been a reduction in lead contamination from sources such as gasoline and lead paint, the fact is this:

Lead is now well and truly concentrated in the food chain!

An example of lead contamination
in a person leading to health
problems including arthritis,
osteoporosis, cardiovascular
disease, cognitive decline
and even anger.

The good
news is we know how to get
it out of the body!
Lead destroys the brain.  This is why it is so toxic for children.  Even tiny amounts of lead will reduce a child's IQ by several points.

Lead is "Heavy".  Lead produces "Heavy Dudes".  Tendency to violent rages, argumentativeness and difficulty with empathy would be typical behavioural characteristics one might see in a person with lead contamination.

Lead interferes with calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc metabolism and even vitamin C.  This leads to health problems such as osteoporosis, severe back pain, joint degeneration and extreme fatigue.

Sources of lead contamination that I have identified in people tested include:

  • Hair dye to cover greying hair.
  • Chewing the red paint on a builder's pencil.
  • Eating a duck that was cooked with a piece of lead shot still in the carcass.
  • Working in an oil refinery.
  • Holding lead shot in the mouth as a child while loading a slug gun.
  • Blowing smoke rings from the barrel after firing a shot gun.
  • Pistol shooting in a basement range.
  • Working on lead painted ships.
  • Red Lipstick (some).

The fact is that lead is heavy stuff that should be nowhere near any living organism.

Take care out there folks!

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