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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Atrial premature beats: Nothing to be concerned about?

"Hi Gary,
thanks again for your advice
I visited the cardiologist last week with the results from the holter recording
he said whilst it showed atrial premature beats (a mild form of Rob Wardells condition) it was not enough to worry about, it only happens at rest.

he said I was over medicated, bp used to be regular- 142-148/ 88-95 now 124/62- without  med.
all he can put it down to is mtb and healthy living

see you on the trails"
(Name withheld)

Thanks for the feedback - most appreciated!  Your email raises a couple of interesting points:
  • Most blood pressure medication does not work at all, or it wears off as the months pass.  If you think you have a problem with blood pressure, get a quality wrist-type monitor and measure it at home and see if the patterns of high or low BP are consistent.  Use this E-book as your guide:
  • What is healthy Blood pressure - when is low too low? Please read this article:  Incidentally, your previous BP of 142-148/88-95 is of no concern.
  • Blood pressure ranges: While excessively high or low blood pressure may be of concern, what interests me here is the current reading of 124/62 (bearing in mind this is a single reading, so may be misleading).  The optimum range between the upper and lower readings are about 40 points (eg: 120/80).  In your case, we have a range of 62 points.  This is often closely associated with adrenal fatigue.  Refer here for more about adrenal fatigue:
  • Rob Wardell's heart condition is interesting: First of all, it is very, very common in endurance athletes and easily fixed by diet, a few supplements and smart training.  Some years ago I attended a cardiology lecture about this condition and during which Rob Wardell was discussed.  It got me thinking about an interesting pattern that Wardell seemed to portray very nicely: His symptoms seemed to disappear when he switched from hard endurance rowing training to strength training to be a yacht grinder (and presumably he had a drastic change in diet).  His symptoms reappeared spectacularly some years later when he switched back to rowing.  Diet and adrenal fatigue are the obvious factors.
  • Adrenal fatigue is associated with low thyroid function and liver stasis.  Symptomatic of this is often the development of unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride profiles.  The usual medical action is to medicate.
  • Even one drug is "over-medication", if the underlying possibilities such as adrenal fatigue are not first addressed.  Think of the current situation of your heart being like a poorly tuned car engine that is idling rough. When the causes of problem are identified and then addressed by non-drugs means the problem of the heart missing beats here and there will spontaneously disappear and you will note an increase in high end athletic performance for no extra effort!
Yes, I'll see you out on your bike!

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