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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Skin tags, fungal infections and all that good stuff! And how to get rid of them.

What are skin tags?  Skin tags, or acrocordhon, are  small benign tumors (not cancerous in most
A dead skin tag after a few days treatment  with vinegar

cases) or growths of skin that protrude from a 'stalk-like' structure.  They are harmless and very common, with almost half of th...

Skin tags, fungal infections and all that good stuff! »  Article by Mary-Ann Moller
There is an interesting link between fungal and viral infections and cancer. Think of the Gardisil vaccine for cervical cancer.

Skin solar kerastoses look like they could be fungal infections.  Here's the theory:  Sun damages the skin cells, weakening them and making them vulnerable to invasion by pathogens like fungi and viruses.  If this is the case, then treating them like one would a fungal infection should see and improvement. I will have more about this and solar kerastoses soon.

In the case of skin tags, these are caused by a virus that has taken over the cells, using the cell's DNA for replication of itself.  As Mary-Ann discovered, to her delight, a treatment that is effective against viruses and fungi is effective against skin tags.

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