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Monday, July 08, 2013

Low fat milk may be making people fat!

For years, people have swapped creamy whole milk for a watery bottle of trim to help boost their weight loss efforts.
But new research has discovered that drinking skinny versions could be making people bigger, not smaller.
Government guidelines currently recommend that people consume "moderate amounts of milk and dairy, choosing reduced fat versions or eating smaller amounts of full fat versions or eating them less often."
It is generally thought that by drinking trim milk you can get whole milk's benefits - Vitamin D, calcium and protein amongst others - without the fat and calories.
By reducing the fat, the trim milk is certainly lower in calories, but the authors of a new study - David Ludwig, of Boston's Children Hospital, and Dr Walter Willett, of the Harvard School of Public Health - believe lower calorie beverages do not necessarily mean lower calorie intake.
They say there is very little data to back up the idea that skimmed milk promotes weight loss or management and that because reduced fat foods might not be as filling, they could lead consumers to compensate by eating and drinking more.
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This really is a case of "I told you so!"  And I have no hesitation in saying so.  For at least ten years I have been waging a campaign against the 99% fat free message, stating that low fat processed foods, including low fat milk will make you fat.  I am not alone by the way: Thousands of experienced nutritionists and natural health practitioners have been saying the same for decades; but their concerns have been blithely dismissed as "quackery" by those in control of mainstream nutrition which I believe has sold out to the food industry giants.  An apology is in order but I am not about to hold my breath waiting!

The mechanism for weight gain is simple:
A feed that has fat and protein will take about four hours to digest; whereas a low fat - low protein meal will take no more than an hour.  This means that people on low fat diets will be low in energy and on junk food snacking within the hour; whereas the one with the fat diet will remain satiated for and bubbling with energy for hours.

This also explains why babies that are breast fed by women who are on these depleted diets seldom sleep for longer than an hour and tend to become over weight.  These babies suck and suck and suck and risk being plagued with "wind", reflux and lactose overload (lactose is a milk sugar and disproportionately high in the milk of women on low fat diets). 

By contrast, the breast fed baby of a mother on a high fat diet with plenty of protein will tend to be thinner, more contented and will tend to give its parents the blessing of four hours of unbroken sleep between feeds - Yeeha!

When an obese person switches from low fat processed foods to foods that have been prepared from their raw beginnings, with there being about 30% natural fats and 30% protein, they invariably lose weight and generally look and feel so much healthier than before.

This video below, about full cream milk, was made several years ago.  I can report that my son, Alama, remains thin, well-muscled and in excellent health despite being raised on full cream milk straight from the cow's udder.

When you read articles like this one by the NZ Herald, you really have to wonder just how out of touch with the real world the health experts are who develop health policy in New Zealand?  Or is it a case of having blatantly sold their souls to huge commercial interests?

Basically, the more that raw foods can be processed with the individual constituents isolated, repackaged and then sold to you as separate items, the more money they can make.  There is little to be made from selling raw ingredients.  Another factor is that industrially produced grains like, rice, corn, wheat and soy are extremely cheap to produce and can be sold to you in many, many forms at a very high added value.  Low fat equals highly processed grains and dairy.

The obesity epidemic almost perfectly coincides with the introduction of the low fat message.

Gosh - what a health disaster!  

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