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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Radiation Alert: More evidence that CT Scans cause cancer

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"While CT scans have the potential for great benefits, they increase the risk of developing cancer; in many cases, an MRI or an ultrasound can provide similar information without this risk.  In this study, for lag (exclusion) period of one, five, and 10 years, the incidence rate for all cancers combined increased by 24%, 21%, and 18% respectively in the CT exposed group.  Eventual lifetime risk is likely to climb with longer followup."

The take home message is this:

Refuse CT scans

Ask for the much safer options of a MRI or ultrasound.  In many medical cases, any scan is unnecessary.  CT scans are over-used with them being employed mostly for "fishing expeditions".

I am reading an academic dissertation at the moment about mamograms and the cancer industry that has gown up around them (More about this in another article once I have finished reading it). 

There is growing evidence that as many as 75% of all beast cancers are the consequence of medical and dental x-rays, including mamogram screening.  It may be as long as 10-40 years before the damage caused by an x-ray procedure expresses as a cancer.  All the x-rays that the population has been repeatedly and increasingly subjected to since the 1950's has been accumulating as population lifetime risks (Think dental, bone scans, CT scans, mamograms and even airport body scanners!). 

If the cancer risk for a mamogram is 1:1,000 and 250,000 women are irradiated, that will amount to an additional 25,000 cases of cancer over the lifetime of all those women.   We are now seeing this statistical risk as reality as successive echelons of repeatedly irradiated women march into old age: breast and other female cancers are now expressing themselves as an epidemic from young to old.

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