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Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's really in pre-workout supplements?

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Mary-Ann Moller

All supplements are dodgy!!!

....No they're not...but I feel like this episode of "The 3rd Degree - Exercise addicts: what's really in pre-workout supplements" which screened on NZ TV Wednesday 25th September, presented a very biased case on the matter.  Reporting at it's absolute worst....or best....depends what way you look at it.  Not only were they trying to get the message across that pre-workout supplements are dodgy, but also that all sports supplements are dodgy. This is my attempt to inform you better on pre-workout supplements, since the media is only out to make a good story.

Follow this link to view the clip, and I will debrief with you after. "Debrief with you" is code for "I'll tell you what I think!" I have also picked apart bits of the dialogue to critique as appropriate, which I will have highlighted in italics.

Mary-Ann's complete article here:

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