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Friday, December 06, 2013

feedback from a runner struggling with thigh pain

Hi Gary and Alofa, 
Thank you so much for the last few months.  It has been such a huge turn around for me, going from really struggling with constent pain in my thigh and not running at all to now running around 70-80km a week and thinking about racing over the summer.  You guys are definitely very good at what you do, and I really appreciate the service you provide.
Hope you both also have a wonderful Christmas and a nice break.
Again thank you both so much.

(name supplied but withheld)
Its feedback like this that keeps our enthusiasm high for what we do.

This talented runner was reduced to a walk for 18 months due to disabling thigh pain.  He was like a lost sole in the desert, doing the rounds of just about every medical expert - He was poked, prodded, needled and zapped.  All at enormous cost to him, in time and money - and to the New Zealand tax payer.  And all for no result other than the enriching of the bank accounts of others.

As per the usual, the solution was really quite simple.  The solution for intractable injuries, like these, requires the removal of the the blinkers of medical specialisation and the reductionism that comes with this specialisation.  The solution is in taking a holistic, "one stop shop", approach to health along with a generous understanding of the unique stresses and strains of high performance running training and racing.

In the case of this crippled runner, he was instructed to commence running the day following his first session with us and he has not looked back!

To his credit - He did the work; he took instruction and did not veer; he put his money up front, and he took the pain as we enthusiastically dealt to him!  And the results were delivered.  He has not looked back and is running freely.  I can see the fire in his eyes:  He is itching to race once again!

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