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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Procedure for collecting samples for the Thyrodine Test: Key Points

The Thyrodine test is very sensitive and easily upset.  A percent always default to "invalid" despite our best efforts.  Here are the key points for ensuring that the odds are in your favour for producing a valid test result:

  • Do not take any dietary supplements that may contain iodine for 48 hours prior to collecting the samples.
  • Avoid iodised salt, walnuts, fish and shell fish, seaweed, or any food that may contain iodine for 48 hours.
  • Brush your teeth and rinse and gargle with water an hour or so prior to taking the saliva sample.  Have another quick rinse and gargle ten minutes before collecting the saliva.
  • Do not collect any saliva and urine from first thing in the day.
  • No phlegm - clean saliva from the mouth only please!
  • If you have dry mouth, I find sniffing the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee gets the saliva going.
  • If you suffer dry mouth from medication, such as for your heart or depression, try collecting the saliva at a time that is well away from your medication for the day.
  • Fill each collection bottle to the very top (take your time with the saliva and ensure you have a spare hour when doing the collection.
  • Write your name etc on the two collection bottles and ensure the lab forms are completed.
  • FREEZE the saliva overnight, or long enough to be frozen solid.
  • REFRIGERATE the urine.
  • Place the samples and lab forms in the courier pack and arrange collection, either from your work or drop the pack off at a Post Shop.
  • While it is not essential, you might want to wrap the samples in bubble wrap as insulation.
  • DO NOT send the courier pack off after Wednesday, otherwise the samples may be held up over the weekend and may subsequently degenerate.  So, the only days to send the courier pack are: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
If either of the samples you send in produce an invalid or contaminated result, the laboratory will advise us.  Our normal procedure, in such cases, is for the lab to send a fresh kit out to you at no additional cost.

The test results are sent to us within a week of you sending in the sample.  We will forward a copy of the report and arrange a half hour consultation with you to explain the findings and work out a plan.  This consultation can be in person, by phone, or Skype.  There is a fee for this consultation (the $99 for the Thyrodine test goes to the lab - Not us).

If you have not heard anything by two weeks, please get hold of us.  Thanks.

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