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Monday, May 05, 2014

Is modern technology not just making us physically weak and obese; but also isolated and lonely?

I went down the road the other day without my smartphone.  While I felt rather uncomfortable, I also felt kind of free at the same time.

Technology has taken control and even redefined the word "friend".  I wonder: How many of our online friends will physically leap to our aid in times of real need?

It was school holidays last week: I was wondering where are all the children?  I don't see any in the streets and the playgrounds and playing fields are empty.  My 14 year old loves to do sport and outdoorsy things but he has nobody to play with outside of organised sports under adult supervision.  They are all indoors, safely tucked up in front of the tv or gaming console.  Definitely not outside

Things were back to normal today with the usual rush of mothers ferrying their children to school this morning and then the rush again of SUV's around 3-4pm.  Its 5.30pm now and the streets are deserted.  Mind you, the weather is horrible; but then again, the weather has little or no influence on the presence of children outside.

My sentiments about the intrusion of technology into our every moment of life is nicely summed up by the poem in the video that follows.  The irony is that he relies on the very technology that is doing the harm to deliver the message!

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