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Friday, September 05, 2014

Do blood pressure medicines increase risk of osteoporosis and arthritis?

The answer is "YES!"

The only question is how much?  In my opinion, the combination of three classes of drugs that are typically prescribed in cases of high blood pressure (ACE inhibitors, diuretics and beta blockers) can cause an alarming acceleration of arthritis.  

I am now into 30+ years of working in the health sector and I can see a disturbing association between the use of blood pressure medication and the acceleration of arthritis and arthritis associated ailments, including deteriorating eyesight and dementia.  

If in doubt - leave it out!

Take note that research evidence usually is preceded many years earlier by observations by field practitioners who then motivate the research.  We should not ignore such observations, exercising the precautionary principle, especially if it is suspected that the side effects, in this case, arthritis, outweighs any benefits.

Its like arthritis on steroids!

“When compared with nonusers, continuous use of ACE inhibitors was associated with a small but significant increase in the average rate of BMD loss at total hip and trochanter over 4 years after adjustment for confounders,” the authors wrote

"There is also some evidence to suggest that ACE inhibitors might increase inflammation-related pain."

Studies like these are disturbing to read when I have clients who are on these drugs and suffering such severe arthritis as to be needing multiple joint replacements.  Sure, most have damaged their hips and knees earlier in life, but how come their joints are the ones that have deteriorated so quickly, whereas not the other person?  The blood pressure drugs appear to be the difference.  I need no convincing.

Does blood pressure medication even work to reduce blood pressure?  I am extremely sceptical based, again, on many years of observation.  Read this:

There are good alternatives.  My advice is to contact an experienced health practitioner who does not dish out drugs as their first course of action.  Find someone who is prepared to spend the time and effort identifying the root causes of your ill health and treating these and not just the symptoms.

High blood pressure is a symptom - It is not the root cause of disease

Giving drugs to suppress blood pressure is therefore doomed to fail.

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