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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Testosterone therapy is correlated to life-threatening heart attacks (updated 07/10/14)

Anti-ageing medicine is currently all the rage, what with the tsunami of Baby-Boomers entering old age.  But much of what is considered to be anti-ageing medicine may not be quite as healthy as it is made out to be.

Anti-ageing medicine versus anti-ageing nutrition

By the way, when we are referring to "anti-ageing" there is a big difference between "anti-ageing medicine" and "anti-ageing nutrition".  I practice anti-ageing nutrition - not medicine.  Anti-aging medicine, in my opinion, incorrectly focusses on hormone replacement which is a double-edged sword.  When we start trying to take over doing incredibly complex and sensitive cellular functions such as hormone production, we begin to play with metabolic fires and liable to cause more harm than benefit.

Anti-ageing nutrition, by which we try to figure out what can be done nutritionally and with lifestyle to support the body's complexity of metabolic processes, including hormone production, is safe and surprisingly effective.  With anti-ageing nutrition, there is no dangerous fiddling with the metabolic dials!  We are merely balancing the nutrient substrates and ensuring a plentiful supply.

Hormone therapy lawsuits on the increase

If there are lawsuits in process, then it might be wise to think twice about undergoing the therapy that's implicated.  Especially when there are healthy alternatives to the drugs in the form of anti-ageing nutrition.

Low testosterone, or Low- T in men has increased considerably in the past 15 years. With the use of testosterone replacement therapy, there has also been an escalation in studies that have shown a link to several medical problems, for example, heart attacks. The FDA has issued several announcements on the use of this therapy, and a number of lawsuits. 
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