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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video about non-toxic cancer treatment and root causes

The war on cancer reminds me of the war on terrorism - while they may be necessary to deal with an immediate threat, neither deal with the root causes of cancer or terrorism; but are largely fruitless and extremely costly reactions to the symptoms. Reactive measures often end up causing more complications than can be handled.  Pre-emptive, root cause action is what we most need.

This video below tells us about many the root causes of cancer and non-toxic treatment, of which there are very many.  I am not telling you not to get treatment for cancer, if you have cancer; but why aren't we more aggressively promoting the practical public and personal health measures for preventing it in the first place?  We already know enough to prevent at least 70% of all cancers.  If we were to prevent 70% how would you feel about that?  You might argue that 70% is an exaggeration.  Well, if the real figure was, say, 30% how would you feel about that?  Something that reduces all cancers by 30% would surely be sensational news?  Nobel Prize material.

The question is this: "If we already know how to prevent many, or most cancers, then why are we not putting more effort into implementing these preventive measures?"

I know why: because there is no money in root cause prevention.  The money is in high value treatment after the fact, and the never-ending research to find the one shot cure, such as a miracle drug or gene therapy of which there will be none because cancer is the perfect storm of many factors coming together. The bulk of research funding is the search for the next patent drug.  Non-patent measures receive little more than lip service and often sidelined and even ridiculed.   Depressing but so true.

The only criticism that I have of this video is not enough is said of the dangers of the numerous xrays that we are exposed to over our lifetimes.  These vary from bone density scans, mammograms, dental xrays and the real biggie - CT scans.

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