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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chronic Fatigue - Feedback from a satisfied client

"Gary, I am finally after a long time of being exhausted and sick, feeling the results of better health. My head has cleared tremendously and I now have energy, yeah! ( for the first time in about 3 years.) I feel like I am again in the land of the living. I have religiously been taking the products and along with being strict with the gluten free, making lots of vegie juices for the family and cutting out on most sugars am feeling the benefits."

(Name supplied but withheld and permission given to publish)

She has the classic HTMA mineral pattern for poor adrenal and thyroid health, tendency for viral and fungal infections,
including candida and thrush.
Also indications of a subclinical bacterial or parasitic infection.

These women can go for years, even decades, feeling dead tired, going back and forth between doctors and specialists, seeking answers to no avail.  Nobody wants to be told that they are "well" when, quite clearly, they are not.  Its so frustrating - depressing - so it is hardly a surprise that most of these very tired women are eventually prescribed an antidepressant.

The human body is remarkable: It has an innate and powerful desire to remain in a state of excellent health.  If, for any reason, it is shifted or jolted out of healthy equilibrium, it will do all it can to get back into a state of healthy homeostasis.  Usually, all that we need to do is provide the right conditions and the body will eventually right itself.  This means an environment that is toxin-free (this includes drugs), that is rich in essential nutrients, fresh water and air, sunshine and one which is free of unwanted stress.

You can not poison a person back  into good health

Nor can I save my ailing tomato plants by spraying them with Roundup.  Sunshine, water and fertiliser - and singing to them - are more sensible interventions.

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