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Friday, March 06, 2015

High salt intake may protect you from infection

This is an example of a hair tissue mineral analysis showing that this
unwell person needs lots more sodium - not less.
"Conventional wisdom holds that consuming too much sodium chloride is bad for you. High-salt diets have been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even autoimmune disorders. But a new study shows that dietary salt could also have immune-boosting effects. Researchers report that high levels of salt in skin help mice fight off bacteria and that humans may also stockpile salt at infection sites."
This finding that the body uses sodium to fight infection makes good sense and it is consistent with my own findings that people with low sodium on the hair tissue mineral analysis generally have poor health.  About 80% of the people I test will benefit from increasing their intake of unrefined salt.  This is contrary to the advice by heart experts but is based on faulty science and is advice that applies to less than 10% of hypertensives.  Unfortunately the low salt message will continue to persist because:

  • Many professional reputations and big egos were built on the low salt message and most of these people will put what protects their reputations before the health of their patients.  I would argue the opposite by the way!
  • Low salt products is big business as well as driving the cravings for high value - high salt foods such as potato chips!  If there are big bucks at stake - to hell with what is actually the truth about what is healthy!
  • The lucrative Heart Foundation "Health Tick" would be thrown into chaos and loss of credibility if it was openly admitted that the link between salt intake and hypertension was based on poor science!  Here's an example:

However, I do not advise people with low sodium to increase their refined salt intake: I advise them to reduce their intake of refined salt while increasing their unrefined, multi-mineral salt.  The one I most often recommend is pink Himalayan Sea Salt because it contains 84 different minerals, including sodium and the mineral makeup is remarkably similar to that found in healthy cells by way of the hair tissue mineral analysis!

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