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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Something fishy about smelly feet treatment advice

Here is an excerpt from the following medical advice column:
Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Should you wear socks with your running shoes
"The bacteria that rot your old skin grow luxuriously when the skin is wet. If you have a problem with foot odor, try pouring a small amount of powder into the toes of your socks before you put them on will help to keep your feet dry during the day and prevent bacteria from growing. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes more often than every other day so they can dry out between use. You can also kill the bacteria by applying a common deodorant containing? aluminum chlorohydrate to your feet at bedtime and sleeping with socks on."

Here is my Question:
"Dear Gabe,
Would it not be better to wash the feet properly and regularly with soap and water than resorting to aluminium-based products?

Here is the reply"
"So far, no harm (but skin irritation) from using aluminum chlorohydrate. It shuts down pores and decreases sweating. Soap has been tested for thousands of years and is safe. However, soap does not decrease sweating".

Here are my comments:

The pores of the skin shut down for very good reasons: Aluminium, like mercury and lead, is highly toxic to the body; especially the nervous system. While most aluminium products are relatively inert, this is not necessarily the case when mixed with highly acidic human sweat and left to percolate in a pair of warm socks overnight. It is inveitable that some of this highly toxic metal will get into the body.

There is far too much exposure to this toxic substance going on, beginning in the first few years of life. Aluminium is added to vaccines as an immune system irritant to augement the immune response to a vaccine. While one shot may be considered "safe" for a child, it make no sense to give a child multiple doses of such a dangerous neurotoxin while the brain is rapidly developing and at its most vulnerable. Aluminium is sometimes added to drinking water to give it a clear sparkle and it is a common anti perspirant. If acidic food is prepared or stored in aluminium pots, aluminium can leach into the food.

Aluminium based underarm anti perspirants are linked to breast cancer. Aluminium is associated with increased rates of neurological disease.

So my advice for smelly feet is this: wash the feet often with soapy water and change your socks often - and stay well away from aluminium based anti perspirants.

More practical advice will be written soon about what to do about smelly feet and how to decrease the sweating.
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