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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Something fishy about smelly feet treatment advice

Here is an excerpt from the following medical advice column:
Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Should you wear socks with your running shoes
"The bacteria that rot your old skin grow luxuriously when the skin is wet. If you have a problem with foot odor, try pouring a small amount of powder into the toes of your socks before you put them on will help to keep your feet dry during the day and prevent bacteria from growing. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes more often than every other day so they can dry out between use. You can also kill the bacteria by applying a common deodorant containing? aluminum chlorohydrate to your feet at bedtime and sleeping with socks on."

Here is my Question:
"Dear Gabe,
Would it not be better to wash the feet properly and regularly with soap and water than resorting to aluminium-based products?

Here is the reply"
"So far, no harm (but skin irritation) from using aluminum chlorohydrate. It shuts down pores and decreases sweating. Soap has been tested for thousands of years and is safe. However, soap does not decrease sweating".

Here are my comments:

The pores of the skin shut down for very good reasons: Aluminium, like mercury and lead, is highly toxic to the body; especially the nervous system. While most aluminium products are relatively inert, this is not necessarily the case when mixed with highly acidic human sweat and left to percolate in a pair of warm socks overnight. It is inveitable that some of this highly toxic metal will get into the body.

There is far too much exposure to this toxic substance going on, beginning in the first few years of life. Aluminium is added to vaccines as an immune system irritant to augement the immune response to a vaccine. While one shot may be considered "safe" for a child, it make no sense to give a child multiple doses of such a dangerous neurotoxin while the brain is rapidly developing and at its most vulnerable. Aluminium is sometimes added to drinking water to give it a clear sparkle and it is a common anti perspirant. If acidic food is prepared or stored in aluminium pots, aluminium can leach into the food.

Aluminium based underarm anti perspirants are linked to breast cancer. Aluminium is associated with increased rates of neurological disease.

So my advice for smelly feet is this: wash the feet often with soapy water and change your socks often - and stay well away from aluminium based anti perspirants.

More practical advice will be written soon about what to do about smelly feet and how to decrease the sweating.


Wayne said...

Aluminium has been linked with Alzheimers disease it is fat soluble and stays in the body causing long term neurological damage if it is present in a large enough quantity.
Its been proven that our body has white blood cell like organisms in the skin which specialise in grabbing samples of substances that come into contact with the skin and pull it into the body, theoretically to analyse for the immune system, but your immune system can't do anything about heavy metals and synthetic substances which will go on to poison your body.
the pores may be closed in this case but the skin is still amazingly permeable to a lot of substances as pointed out when mixed with sweat it doesn’t help.
Mechanics have acidic blood because of the oil and grease that cots their hands at work, hairdressing is the occupation where you will most likely end up with cancer sine they have their hands immersed in chemicals all day long, its used to be common to put elemental selenium in anti dandruff shampoos until the severe toxicity of it became an issue. so they switched to zinc, another toxic metal
anyone who watched the TV 3 documentary the other week about eh amount of chemicals we encounter in our normal daily lives around the home won't want to be adding anything else to the fray NZ still permits the use f chemicals in cosmetic products that re banned overseas, sodium lauryl sulphate is extremely irritating to the skin and is widespread in soaps and on and on it goes.

Wayne said...

as a kid I used to scrape the pot clean my sister used to cook toffee in, I used to have wonderful nausea and headaches afterwards, it was an aluminium pot.

Wayne said...

think about what you put on your head as wellin the way of treatments, the skull is full of blood vessels that run directly between the skin and the brain, its a unique cooling mechanism for the brain unique to primates, when we are too hot as in a shower the blood flow straight to the brain taking whatever chemicals you are bathing your head in at the time. you may not notice any difference but decade of this practice may well have an effect. Now what was that article about dementia again?
attention deficit disorder conditions and hyperactivity amogst youngsters is at an all time high in the states and is becoming more of a problem here as well, practices such as using aluminium based products on the skin along with other toxic substances. may well have their role in this, childrena re far more likely to absorb these substances into their bodies than adults

Wayne said...

soap strips the protective oily coveringoff the skin off often this oily layer itself can protect against toxic substances from being absorbed into the skin