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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

At last! "Evidence" that Phiten works

In my earlier posting about Phiten, I was very sceptical of the amazing health and performance claims of this athletic product. I asked for evidence that it really does work because, try as I did, I could find nothing.

During my fruitless searches, here is what one a leading exercise physiologists wrote me about Phiten: " you are well aware we are inundated with miracle cures and quick fixes - most with absolutely no substance - I personally take no interest (personal or academic) in these things that tend to try to make up for a lack of common sense inactivity and poor nutrition".

At last, evidence: somebody sent me the following article:

Without offering any evidence, the article says:

“Phild Processing” is a process that has been proven to enhance kinetic ability in the body, preventing injuries and back pain. Helping to actualize one’s potential in sports or in daily life, Phiten’s Titanium products are used worldwide by athletes and other people who have begun to recognize the high potential hidden in these products."

This and the rest of the article is absolute rubbish because it offers no evidence to support these astonishing claims. It demonstrates the complete lack of objectivity of the editors of these kinds of sports and fitness publications which rely on advertising to be viable.


Wayne said...

how dare you cast doubt apon this product. next you will be attacking nostril spreaders, he holiest of holy amongst performance enhancing products! then you'll be trying to tell us that steroids are unethical, immoral and bad for you, I suppose you think smoking is bad for you as well! heaven forbid if you should think drugs to be bad for us!

Shaun Palmer said...

I'm a Physical Therapy Student and I'm a Certified Athletic Trainer. I've been questioning Phiten products for some time as athletes I work with continue to wear them. I work with major league baseball as well and have seen its rapid growth in the sport. For my doctoral thesis in getting my DPT I'm proposing research on Phiten, trying to reproduce the thermal infrared imaging that they show on their website as proof that it increases blood flow. If the proposal goes thru and I am able to do the research, I will let you know what I find.

Gary Moller said...

All the best with your research Shaun and please let us kinow how you get on

Anonymous said...

well i would have thought it common sense if alot of sports minded people get results from it, it must have some credibility. Just becaue you cant understand something doesnt mean its not not real. once upon a time people coudnt believe the world round either, you narrowed minded moron.