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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Treating a sprained ankle

Dear Gary,
I have quite a nasty sprained ankle that happened whilst running (in the dark!) on Wenesday morning last week. I landed badly on some uneven ground and my foot went over and I felt intense pain and some bad pulling/tearing sensations on the outside of my ankle - either side of the bone. I managed to make it home, but the next day it was quite swollen, and has come down now but is still tender.

I can walk quite happily, but don't want to get back running too soon in case of more damage. How long do you think I should wait before beginning to run on it again? Should I have had any treatment on it, or will it just take time to heal? Do you forsee any long term problems - or are there some exercises that I could do to help strengthen it apart from just running? I would appreciate your advice, as I am really missing my runs at the moment!
My reply:
I think you will be ready to start running now. Ankle pain can last for months but is no reason not to get out there.

Read this carefully:

Start on soft ground and gradually build your speed and duration. You might like to do some aquajogging as well, if you are inclined.

Another measure is to purchase some
Nutra-Life Joint and Cartilage Repair and take it regularly for as long as there is any discomfort.

Go to a sandy beach and power walk up and down the soft dunes barefoot and then briskly wade in the cold shallows for 15-20 minutes.

Finally, practice balancing on each foot, eventually with eyes closed. This restores the reflexes to the ankle as well as strength.

I hope that this helps. Let me know how it goes, thanks.

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